My goal is to present you with imagery and artwork that will add to the beauty of your home.  I do NOT believe that you should purchase everything you see in the largest size available.  That would be crazy!  Part of my job is to help you figure out what images will look best where, and in which configuration.  Your job is to provide possible locations for your imagery. 

As a general rule, if you fill your walls during your first photo session, you won't want to come back to update your look.  Ever!  While mom remaining 29 forever would be grand(!), documenting different stages of life is a beautiful gift to everyone. 

For those who love getting annual pictures taken, one piece for the wall and the rest in an album is a great way to go.  For those who do this every five years or so, I would recommend a wall collection of some sort.  You will be able to add to that collection later, and change the location of your artwork to meet the needs of your growing family. 

My retainer is $150 for weekday sessions and $200 on weekends, regardless of your session type (weddings have no retainer, just the deposit and balance).  No images are included with the retainer - just my professional services, advice, abilities, education, and editing skills.

Canvas / Gallery Wrap Collections begin at $1495

Albums (20 images) begin at $795

Framed Archival Prints begin at $275

Anything you love enough to purchase comes with two complimentary digital files. You will receive a Social-Media-Ready version, along with a full-size version. That gives you the opportunity to hang beautiful artwork in your home, along with sharing options for all your family and friends.

                                     Chuck and Amber's living room artwork

                                     Chuck and Amber's living room artwork